Shechem Oak Society

oak tree of Shechem Oak Sanctuary

Shechem Oak Sanctuary

The large oak tree on the northeast side of our campus has great significance. We call it Shechem Oak Sanctuary. It is a sacred place where we broke ground for the new Skyway campus and prayed that God would always accomplish His purpose in and through every student.

In Scripture, at Shechem, Abraham received assurance from God that He would keep His promises of giving the land to his descendants. It was where Jacob dug a well and erected an altar; where Joseph’s family buried his bones; where Joshua gave his parting address to serve the Lord; and where Jesus disclosed Himself as the Messiah to the Samaritan woman at the well (Genesis 12:6, 33:18, Joshua 24:26, John 4:12). Shechem was a reminder of God’s faithfulness for generation after generation.

Like Shechem, it is our prayer that VCS will be a reminder of God’s faithfulness and fulfill its mission in Silicon Valley and the world for generation after generation. Planned giving allows our community to make an incredible impact on future generations. The Shechem Oak Society includes all members who have given legacy gifts to Valley Christian Schools by including VCS in their planned giving, wills, or estate plans.

To learn more about how you can make an impact by joining the Shechem Oak Society, contact Christi Stockhaus at or (408) 362-7649.

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